Why Should You Consult an Occupational Therapist?

An occupational therapist (OT) is a licensed healthcare professional who works with people of various ages and abilities to help them do the things they need to and like to do (“occupations”) in order to lead a fulfilling life. OTs are required to have a college degree, pass a national certification exam and in Massachusetts, maintain a license to practice. OTs work with individuals who have diverse health needs, including physical disabilities, cognitive disabilities and psychosocial dysfunction. OTs help people remain independent, leading full and meaningful lives.

For example an OT can help someone who is having difficulty showering due to weakness or poor balance by assessing the bathroom and shower area, observing how the person gets into and out of the shower and providing solutions to the problem such as where to place a grab bar or shower seat to make showering easier and safer.

Why you should consult an OT and not just a home builder or interior designer to assist with making changes to your home?

Working in collaboration with you, home builders and interior design professionals OTs modify living environments to solve your home accessibility challenges with minimal impact. Builders are responsible for implementing home modification solutions in compliance with building codes, laws and regulations. Interior designers provide decorating solutions that transform a house into a “home”.  Working together, OTs, builders, and design professionals can enhance the livability, comfort and value of you home following injury, illness or changes in your health needs.

What other assistance can an OT provide?

Home modification OTs also work with durable medical equipment professionals to help you find the appropriate equipment and with social service agencies to identify funding sources to help defray the costs of home modification. OTs work with landlords, attorneys, financial advisors and home healthcare agencies to make it possible for you to “REMAIN IN YOUR DOMAIN”.

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